Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Guns N Roses - Not in this Lifetime Tour : Live Music Review

I first heard them back in 89', and soon after that I purchased Appetite for Destruction on cassette and would crank that on my walkman daily. After missing out on catching Gunners at Eastern Creek back in 93' due to low finances, and giving the 'Axl Only' incarnation of the band that toured 2007 a miss, last night ended the 28 year wait for my fanboy self.

I'd never attended a concert at QSAC before, so I made sure I was earlier enough to get my bearings, and like a lot of early comers use the shadows cast by the stands to get out of the hot afternoon sun. As the sun lowered, the gates opened and we flowed in, I was surprised how well things were set-up for what seems to be a little used facility these days. Toilets, food & drink, merchandise all dotted throughout the stadium meaning line-ups weren't too much of an issue.

Rose Tattoo hit the stage first led by the ever feisty Angry Anderson, they produced a solid set and I think a lot of people we're disappointed that the big screens were not active for their performance. From where we were seated in the rear stands it was like listening to a live recording on the radio on a windy day. It also established for me that QSAC is not currently very well set up for these gigs when it comes to audio.

To much of the crowds relief, Guns N Roses hit the stage around the expected time and began with "It's so easy", with all the bells, whistles, video and a lil pyro you'd expect from a band with such a loyal fan base and crowd drawing power. Unfortunately for us who were in the rear 2nd half of the stadium, the video and sound were out of sync leaving close ups of Axl looking like he was straight out of an old overdubbed chinese movie.

The bands energy was great and they really gave their all to the adoring crowd, taking older fans like me for a trip down memory lane. The only song that sounded a bit out of place in the set list was "This I Love" from the Chinese Democracy album, and that's not just because I'm a little salty that I didn't get to hear "Don't Cry" live. But for some reason you could tell this particular song has a deep seeded meaning to Axl, who made it work. Rocking out to "Sweet Child O'Mine" with my eldest daughter was a cool moment in time, and also something I never imagined would happen all those years ago, when I myself was a teen.

The crowd diversity was great, we were surrounded by big burly biker types, a Thai couple, an Indian family, a few gay and lesbian couples, a few shitfaced yobs, a group of middle age women on the wine, children as young as 8 and 60+'ers who looked more like they were dressed for church. In a world where you can sometimes feel like humanity is at a loss, it was a great site to see music bringing everyone together for the mutual love of a great rock band. Maybe there is hope.  

The Setlist:
It's So Easy
Mr Brownstone
Chinese Democracy
Welcome to the Jungle
Double Talkin' Jive
Live and Let Die (Wings cover song)
Rocket Queen
You Could Be Mine
New Rose (The Damned cover song)
This I Love
Civil War
Sweet Child O' Mine
Used To Love Her
Out Ta Get Me
Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd cover song)
November Rain
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover song)
Night train

The Seeker  (The Who cover song)
Paradise City

Act: Guns N Roses: Not in this Lifetime Tour
Pre-Act(s): Rose Tattoo
Date: 7th February, 2017
Venue: QSAC, Brisbane, Australia

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