Friday, September 2, 2016

Warframe : Game Review (Xbox One)

August last year (2015) I download a game called Warframe. It had been out for nearly a year and it was a 'free to download', and 'Free' is a great word when you're looking for something to do between sessions of Fifa 15, Dying Light and GTA V. The rest they say 'is history' and a devotion to a game I haven't had since I was a child.

I chose my Excalibur suit and began my journey. I coloured my frame red and black (as colour palettes are limited) and my suit resembled more a futuristic bike getup than any martial art inspired theme. I rolled out on my first few missions and slowly started leveling my weapons and suit up, it was the beginning of a virtual addiction, I wanted to get Better, Faster, Stronger!
Warframe Beginning with Excalibur
The thrill of pinning your first Grineers to the wall with your MK-1 Paris. Finishing your 1st level without dying and doinking the enemies on the head with your MK-1 Bo just felt so good.

Except for one thing. There was a very distinct lack of actual story or how-to in Warframe. I'd heard similiar grievances from friends who had bought Destiny. Was this the new norm in gaming? I was wandering around level after level, knowing I was doing something right (I was becoming more powerful), but wondering if there was an easier way. So I did a little youtube research on channels like iFlynn, AGayGuyPlaysMogamu and Tactical Potato. These youtubers are all a great starting place for sorting out what the hell is going on.

When I began, I was very weary of the in-game transactions. I personally am always dubious of perceived pay-to-win gaming. But after a few weeks of solid play I purchased my 1st Xbox exclusive Excalibur skin. I was loving the game and believed that the developers deserved some of my cash anyway, as I had payed more for a less satisfying gaming experiences in the past.

Warframe My First Kubrow
I started seeing Mastery Rank 8's in-game and thinking they were gods, they were able to crowd control with ease, and I felt bad having to be recovered all the time like some weak arsed wannabe. But believe me, it's all part of the Warframe experience.

A month in I got my 1st Kubrow, from a random egg, a Raksa I called "Karma".Then I decided to start my own clan and recruit a few people playing on the Oceania server, together we traded knowledge and I learnt how to switch between servers. Slowly we grew and began building labs, researching and joining Syndicates. This game is seriously huge and layered.

I was leveling at a good pace, fast enough that my Mastery Rank was increasing, but at the same time I got to experience the weapons and frames to form my own opinion. I found way too many people in game build stigmas about certain frames and weapons. A typical conversation might go something like (Me) "Hey, have you used Banshee yet?", (Them) "Nah, that's crap, totally useless junk". (Me) "What MR were you when you got it?", (Them) "I haven't had it yet, just gonna build it and rank it up for MR then chuck it". Guess what? I built Banshee and love her, she fits my play style and now a few of my fellow clan members have her too!

I can highly recommend Warframe. It is a grind at times, but even if I drift off to play something else for a while (like I did with The Witcher 3), I find myself coming back for more. I've formed new friendships with people all over the world, Denmark, UK, USA and a few Kiwi brothers from across the ditch. It's constantly evolving and over the past year I've seen plenty of changes, and for reaching MR 19, I bought myself Vauban Prime Access. Thanks DE for a great game.

Warframe Hints and Tips:

  • Don't be a Dickhead. Just because your semi-anonymous online, don't front up like you can take on King Kong and everyone else should 'beware' of you because you're a bad-ass. Treat fellow gamers the same way you want to be treated. If you do come across one of these people, I find 'block' a really easy function to use. No retaliation or comeback needed.
  • Don't Beg. Oh, you got no plat? Well go grind out a Prime set and sell it, stop your whinging! This game has some really generous people in its community, but I haven't met one that relishes hearing you begging and bitching about how you 'just need' 30 plat to get what 'you' need.
  • Clan Life. I've come across so many people who have joined huge clans just because of numbers or a 'name', only to find that there's hardly ever anyone on and that no-one helps guide them. Find a clan that has active members that will help guide you. If you can't, start your own clan.
  • Opinions. A lot of players = a lot of opinions, from fellow in-game players, youtubers and Reddit posts, everyone has a point of view. The fact is, they aren't you. They don't have your play style and they don't have you budget and time restraints. Don't get me wrong, some of the frames and weapons are complete crap for ME. Doesn't mean it won't be awesome for you and the way you play. Giving a weapon/frame a little love, adding a potato (Orokin Reactor or Catalyst), a few forma can make all the difference. 
  • Trials. Affectionatley known as 'raids', The Law of Retribution, Law of Retribution 'Nightmare' and The Jordas Verdict are missions that can be done once a day. Needing a crew of 4-8 players these can be a real test of group co-ordination and patience. I myself didn't begin doing these until I had reached MR 16. That was me, I didn't go looking to do them, it wasn't a part of the game I explored much (like Conclave). But now days I'm always up for an raid with some of my clan. The added bonus is that the raids drop Arcanes, yet another way to become stronger or a handy plat revenue stream. 
  • Prime Access. For me you should probably wait til after the 10 hours played to consider a Prime Access pack. If you're loving the game, go for it, it's that simple.
  • Syndicates. Towards the front of your ship in the left corner (the area in front of your codex) is your Syndicate display. Try to choose 2 Syndicates the are complimentary (Steel Meridian & Red Veil, Cephlon Suda & Arbitors of Hexis or Perrin Sequence & New Loka), then add a 3rd which is neutral, Sometimes this means people aligning themselves with the left 3, or the right 3. When it comes to standing, always use the 'daily extra standing' amount 1st, then do the missions. Even though the screen may only show 12,000, that is 'extra' standing, you have the potential to make well over 20,000 standing if you get rid of the extra 1st, then doing the Syndicate missions. If you do the missions 1st, it will slowly eat away at the extra standing you obtain. 

My Rating: An ever evolving game you will go back to - 9.5 out of 10

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