Monday, September 12, 2016

Journey : Game Review PS4 / PS3

Journey is a hybrid of gaming and art. While art is a part of pretty much every modern game (for better or worse) Journey is bounds ahead in art direction and creates a world that is visually breathtaking and mysterious.

The game is played somewhat intuitively; there are no menus, tutorials, or on screen help. You are placed in the middle of a desert and the only thing out of the ordinary is a tomb like rock on the horizon, drawing you in that direction. The game is good at providing subtle visual clues on where to go next, and once you experiment with the buttons, and interact with a few game mechanics, it all clicks.

Journey Game Review
The story is interpretive, and has no dialogue to guide you. The character you play emits a little sound with a mysterious symbol each time you press the circle button. I played the majority of my game with an unknown player, and enjoyed this strange new form of communication, using it to get the others attention when something was found and just generally goofing around by spamming the button. It was fun and I often wondered who this person that I spent around an hour adventuring this beautiful new world with could be.

I believe everyone will have a different experience with this game, in how they interpret the events, It is a fun ride, with visuals that are truly stunning and a world that is lovingly crafted and begs to be explored. I will never forgot one such scene where the camera spins to create a 'side scrolling' perspective where my character is sand surfing through golden, glittering mountains of sand while the sun beats from behind creating beautiful shadow and light effects as I sped down the sand. Journey is full of moments like these, and while the game only lasts around 90 minutes from start to finish, there are incentives to replay the game for trophies and collectibles. Set aside a couple of hours and play it from start to finish, you might find you have just created a gaming moment you will always remember.


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