Friday, July 22, 2016

Ghostbusters (2016) : Movie Review

It seems since the announcement of an 'all girl' Ghostbusters we have been inundated with tweets, facebook and youtube posts slamming the idea as "The end of the franchise" or "ruining my childhood". These were pretty tall claims given the film hadn't even begun production when a lot of this started. I myself am a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters, I see it still at least once per year. To me it's like a warm hug from my 80's self, when things were much simpler. Without the venom or hysteria of most, I also wondered what a Ghostbusters movie without Ray, Peter, Egon & Winston would be like.

I am here to report my childhood remains intact and that I really enjoyed myself. From the opening credits I got little tingles of nostalgia, and the cameo's dotted around the movie were a good bit of fun. The only criticism I have is the under development of the antagonist, it was a bit stereotypical, and so I felt detached from truly hating them and what they represented.

Jones, McCarthy, Wiig and McKinnon all slip into their roles nicely and don't feel out of place busting ghosts. I would even suggest that the characters might evolve further if given a second outing, and maybe more input to the writing process from the actresses themselves. These women know comedy, let them ad-lib their hearts out. Even though there was homage paid throughout, this movie was fully detached from the originals, which left me feeling like there was an element missing. I can see why it may have been done, but I don't have to like it. Oh, to have had connection to the past where Walter Peck was now the New York Mayor .... I can only dream.

The visuals were great and it is definitely worth going to see on the big screen and have a belly laugh or 2. Whether there will be a sequel will probably come down to cinema takings, which were always going to be lower after the shit storm created on social media, but time will tell.

On a side note, the day after seeing this movie I had a moment where I questioned the role of Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), he is just so plain dumb and hams it up well, whilst constantly being perved on by Erin Gilbert (Wiig). The thing that struck me was that if the role had of been played by a female I think movie goers (or at least my fellow males) wouldn't of battered an eyelid. The fact it was a ditzy male being objectified turned a mirror on the genderfication of that sort of role was brilliant.

My Rating: Grab your popcorn and frozen coke and go see this at the cinema - 7.5 out of 10

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