Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Grimsby (The Brothers Grimsby) : Movie Review

The Brothers Grimsby, or just 'Grimbsy' as it was released in Australia and a few other locations is the latest offering from the very funny Sacha Baron Cohen. If you can't pin point the name he is the man behind Ali G, Borat and Bruno.

The basic story revolves around 2 brothers from Grimsby, England who are separated when they are young by family tragedy. One a down and out father of 11, Nobby (Baron Cohen) and the other a MI6 operative, Sebastian (Mark Strong). After 28 years their paths cross and their future begins.

For those used to SBC's willingness to push the boundaries of WTF factor, you won't be disappointed. I found myself laugh/snorting at a few scenes. I probably wouldn't recommend it as a 'first date' movie, but that being said, you would definitely get a gauge of sense of humour on your perspective new partner and have many talking points for after movie coffee.

Mark Strongs solid performance carries the movie in some areas and allows SBC to stab the audience with his brand of memorable 'I can't unsee that' kind of funny.

Overall it's a good little movie that's worth a watch.

My Rating: A good movie to see with your mates - 7 out of 10

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