Friday, October 16, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens You in the Shower

It seems with the soon to be released Star Wars movie The Force Awakens, comes another round of cool and sometimes off-topic products. Now you can let the force awaken you each time you take a shower with your new Oxygenics Star Wars shower head.

Wash away your Dark Side whilst you bathe in Vaders tears, or let your favourite droid R2-D2 shower you with a revitalising flow of water elightenment as you ponder your place in the galaxy after a night out on the piss. Available internationally through Bed Bath & Beyond pricing for Darth and R2-D2 are $44 and $37 respectively, but freight to Australia is ridiculous. Darth will set you back around $90 AUD and R2-D2 around $81 AUD. Moral of the story being, if you want to grab one, maybe get a few other like minded friends to put in 1 order to keep freight costs down.

Is it just me or does Darth look like some sort of shower web cam?

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