Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Secrets & Lies (US Version) : TV Review

I recently watched the US version of Secrets and Lies, the drama/thriller originally made and shown here in Australia on Channel 10 and recast and developed for American audiences.

I never got around to watching the Australian version of this show, and only began watching it as a few of my normal shows had ended for their season.

The show draws you in straight away, there's no skirting around or 'alluding' to what you're in for. Juliette Lewis steals the show as the hard-arsed Detective Andrea Cornell. Lewis is able to draw you into loathing all that she does as she stalks and torments family man Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe).

But all is not as it seems at the Crawford house, nor the neighborhood as a whole. I won't spoil the story line by saying too much, but the whole cast did a great job. The little injections of humour by Ben's best friend Dave (Dan Fogler) are well worked (everyone I know has a friend like him) as well as sexual tension, mistrust and the actual secrets and lies that emerge each episode keep the ball rolling at a good pace. The more episodes I watched the more I became attached to the characters and their journey.

My Rating: Great Viewing - 9 out of 10

Now to try and find the Aussie cast version ...

*This series has been given a 2nd season and will follow Detective Cornell (Lewis) into another case. Hopefully the US team will get original Australian writer/co-creator Stephen M. Irwin on-board to ensure this is not another show that perishes from a 2nd or 3rd season stinker.

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