Friday, May 29, 2015

San Andreas : Movie Review

Filmed in Australia, the Gold Coast became a spot 'The Rock' fest for a few months in 2014, with GC locals as well as TV and radio reporting sightings of the Actor/WWE Star daily.

As soon as filming began there were media knockers predicting the disaster movie itself would be a disaster and a flop come release. My position is that few believed a movie made in Australia and with a fairly untested "Big Budget" director at the helm (Brad Peyton) that San Andreas wouldn't amount to much. With that said, I generally went into the movie with an open mind and to my surprise quite enjoyed it. If you saw "2012" and enjoyed it, chances are this will again fill your disaster loving senses.

There are moments in this film where Johnson and the rest of the cast come off a bit plastic and unconvincing, but the visuals and action keep you going. I find that with most disaster movies the acting can only be as polished and focused as the script is written, as they always tend to have comedy or levity added. I accept that, because if someone was daring enough to make a full-on serious disaster movie, we'd all probably walk out of the cinemas in tears and needing therapy, and the movie would be a flop.

Gold Coast locals will notice some local landmarks pop up during the film like The Pines Shopping Centre, Elanora (The Bakersfield Mall), but it is a credit to the production and design teams that most of the film looks like it was filmed on location in Califonia.

My Rating:  Solid Action Disaster Movie - 7.5 out of 10

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