Thursday, January 8, 2015

FIFA 14: A-League are you there? (Xbox 360/Xbox Live)

Well firstly, yes, I know A-League is on FIFA 14, and yes, I am still playing 14' even though FIFA 15 came out a few months ago. The main thing that has become clearer over the last 8-10 weeks of playing this game most days is what appears to be the lack of certain A-League team kits to be purchased.

After around 2 months game play the only A-League kits which seem to be on offer are Central Coast Mariners, Melbourne Heart, Adelaide United and Newcastle Jets? Even the alternate jerseys/kits for these teams are available in the live trading area.

How could this be? Surely it's not the case that the rest of the A-League teams are so popular with FUT players that they got there kits straight away and no-one will ever trade them, at any price. "Not even for Messi Bro!"

What are your thought? Have you or any of your friends got a Victory, Glory, Roar, Wanderers, Phoenix or Sydney FC kit/jersey? I'd really like to know, it's doing my head in. Is it happening for other countries and their leagues? It it the same on the FIFA 15 version, or PS3/4 versions of FIFA 14?

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