Monday, January 19, 2015

Book Review: Body Jump by K.C. Webb


You look at someone and all you have to do is blink and suddenly your looking at the world through their eyes. You can see everything, all their secrets, their memories, their regretful past and sexual desires. Well if you meet Walker, he could be your guide through these twisted minds. That's if you catch him in time.

K.C Webb's book Body Jump follows, the sexually fucked up cop, Susan Claw, and Walker , the delinquent following the minds of all he has ever seen.

2 days after I started reading this book, I finished it. I have to say, I was so disappointed. I just wanted more to read. This was my biggest problem with this book. However Body Jump is so good, and I love the story.

The story was well written and unpredictable. It's the sort of book that you have to read and when you start you can't stop. Reading the book, I was sort of hoping certain relationships would form. I don't know if that was the intention but i certainly didn't stop hoping until the end, but even then I find myself still holding pointless hope.

The end is something I didn't hate but i didn't love it either. In my opinion it ended all so abruptly. I think the author could have dragged the story out a couple more chapters and at least give the reader a chance to mentally prepare for the end.

All in all, I do love this book. It is an amazing read, its a total mind-screw, and it really makes you think. Everyone reading this review should check it out.

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