Friday, November 28, 2014

Nickelback "No Fixed Address" : Album Review

Nickelback have returned with their 8th studio album, and their 1st on Republic Records after leaving Roadrunner. Nickelback seem cop a lot of flack from certain quarters of the music listening public in Australia, where they seem to have become a sort of 'guilty pleasure' band, akin to Bros or Milli Vanilli. Yet, they still pack venues and are known as a great live act.

When word got out that "No Fixed Address" was on the way, it was reported that this album was going to be a departure from the Nickel-Norm. So what was delivered?

For true Nickelback fans, No Fixed Address will slide easily into your play list. Tracks like "Million Miles and Hour", "Believe" and "Get 'Em Up" deliver the sound Nickelback are known for, with track 2 "Edge of a Revolution" sure to transfer well into their live shows with some great opportunity for some audience participation during the second half.

"What Are You Waiting For" could be a surprise single, having a similar feel to "Gotta Be Somebody" from the Dark Horse album. When "She Keeps Me Up" started, I thought I was about to hear Adam Levine (Maroon 5) start singing, it has a very electro funk feel which took a few listens to comprehend ... this is Nickelback?

"Satellite" is headed for a movie soundtrack and wedding playlists, and along with "Miss You" will probably be a songs that the female Nickelback fans will enjoy more than the guys, I kept imagining him singing it to Avril and I'm sure that is where the inspiration for this song lies.

"Got Me Runnin' Round" sees Nickelback team up with Flo-Rida who chimes in at 2m 43s with his usual linquistic addition, but I think he could of been of better use than just in a 28 second burst, still the song remains catchy. "Sister Sin" is the last track and has a very country rock flavour, which unlike "She Keeps Me Up" you still know your listening to Nickelback.

Overall I would recommend this to any Nickelback fans whether your open about it, or in the 'guilty pleasures' closet. Even if you are not a fan, your bound to hear some of this on radio over the next few months. Given the right airplay/video clips, there's a few singles off this one to come.

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