Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Big Brother Finale - A Missed Opportunity

Well, another night in of TV for at least 2 of the DoFunky bloggers. Trapped between the Big Brother Finale and the Arias. Well, at least that was until social media began buzzing about the Big Brother winner whilst viewers in Qld and some other states were still observing the "final 3" waiting in anticipation of what was to come. So the show that is filmed on location in Queensland, and from memory receives Queensland government assistance is spoiled for Queenslanders.
It is a real shocker considering that a lot of media outlets are predicting that there will be no BB in 2015. Especially when a slight bit of rescheduling and co-ordination within the 9 Network could of had most of the east coast and central Oz in tune with the announcement.

The 2014 edition has sure had it's problems and not just with viewership. It feels like the BB formula needs a slight rework and revamp, for me the format has become too sterile and politically correct. When I do run into hardcore fans, the census seems to be that the return of 'Friday Night Games' and 'Big Brother Up Late' may have helped the show grab the ratings that the Channel 9 were hoping for.

The question now is, if there is no Big Brother 2015, will there ever be a chance for redemption?

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