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Ten Second Songs - DoFunky Interview (Music)

Ten Second Songs / Anthony Valbiro Interview for DoFunky.com.au
Interviewer: Shane Nightingale

If you've been living under a rock the last few weeks or had your mind distracted by reality TV finales then you may not have come across this YouTube gem.

Video Clip: Ten Second Songs - Katy Perry-Dark Horse (Sang in 20 styles)

Ten Second Song YouTube Creator Anthony Valbiro has been kind enough to let us ask a few questions to gain an insight into a YouTube phenomenon.

Shane: Your video 'Katy Perry - Dark Horse (Sang in 20 styles)' hit the internet on March 15th, this year (less than 2 months ago), and now has over 6.4 million views, giving the 'Ten Second Songs' channel nearly 200,000 subscribers. When did you realise that it was starting to go viral? Do you remember what you were doing?

Anthony (TSS): I was working on a custom song, and I was working on this parody that I was doing and when I actually went to break and stop working on it. I went to my Facebook and I noticed that I had a bunch of email notifications on my phone and friends of mine were telling me that I made Reddit.com, the front page on Reddit, and that's how I pretty much found out that this video was going viral.

Shane: What was your inspiration to doing Ten Second Songs?

Anthony (TSS): My inspiration was to make some money, to monetise my voice with custom songs. I'd found the website Fiverr.com and I thought up Ten Second Songs as a concept to sell some short songs for five bucks and I did it in any style and that's pretty much how that came about.

Shane: How did you choose the artist styles to replicate in your first Ten Second Songs video?

Anthony (TSS): I chose the artists and came up with that list in 5 minutes, maybe not even. I thought, what are the most random artists I could think of to put in as 20 styles in 1 song and that's what I came up with.

Shane: Why Katy Perry's Dark Horse as the songs base?

Anthony (TSS): No real reason, I saw that it was a popular song and it was in top 10 and that was the whole concept. I actually came up with the concept a while before I chose that song and I figured it was a good fit. It definitely had melodies that were easily adaptable to other styles.

Shane: Do you know if Katy Petty has seen it yet?

Anthony (TSS): I'm sure she has! Her record label definitely acknowledged it.

Shane: Have you copped any backlash or praise from any of the artists or their Management?

Anthony (TSS): I got definite praise from Boys II Men who tweeted me out, I had Corey Taylor from Slipknot, he gave me a shout-out, I had Type O Negative shouted me out and Josh Silver from Type O Negative the keyboardist, as well as Tech N9ne shouted me out 4 times, that guy really likes it.

Shane: Everyone who puts a video on YouTube secretly hopes it goes viral. Now that you're experiencing that, has your everyday life or life goals changed in any way in the short time since?

Anthony (TSS): I'm in a period right now of transition, because obviously you want something like this to happen, but you never know exactly what it's gunna do until it happens. You realise that everything you might have had going on before something like this happens is going to naturally go through some changes. As of right now all it really did is change me into a YouTube content creator, and now I'm a YouTube content creator there are some different goals than there were before.

Shane: On Instagram, you alluded to a new Ten Second Song video coming in the near future. As a DoFunky exclusive can you give us any hints of the song you will covering? Or any of the artists you will be referencing?

Anthony (TSS): No, that's a secret!

Shane: Is there any possibility in future you would reference Australian acts like AC/DC or INXS?

Anthony (TSS): I think you might be pleased.

Shane: You are also the lead vocalist of Set the Charge. With the Ten Second Song video gaining so much exposure globally, are your band mates worried that you may become pre-occupied with continuing the success of Ten Second Songs, or are they supportive?

Anthony: I think they're supportive, they see this as a great opportunity to get exposure. We (Set the Charge) now have 8,000 subscribers on YouTube, where before this whole thing happened we only had around 2,000, so it's definitely helped our cause.

Shane: How long have Set the Charge been together?

Anthony (TSS): Since 2005 technically, well at least in concept. As a band being on stage it's really only been a couple of years.

Shane: What is your proudest achievement within your band so far?

Anthony (TSS): The Proudest achievement? Playing the Trash Bar in Brooklyn. We've also had a lot of YouTube covers that have gone well.

Shane: If you were to suggest YouTube clips of Set the Charge for our readers to introduce themselves to your band what would they be?

Anthony (TSS): 'Just the End of the World', 'Quarter Life Crisis' and our cover of Michael Jacksons 'Bad'.

Shane: Complete this sentence. 'If I wasn't a musician ....................'

Anthony (TSS): If I wasn't a musician ... I don't know ....  I'd be a porn star!

Shane: And for a bit of fun, what question had you wished I'd asked, but didn't? And what would your answer be?

Anthony (TSS): What's my favourite cheese? Sharp Cheddar.

Thank you to Anthony for your time and we look forward to seeing the next Ten Second Song creation hit YouTube later today in Australia.

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