Friday, March 21, 2014

Kylie Minogue “Kiss Me Once” : Album Review

It’s been a little while since this album was first announced, and there was much anticipation and trepidation because our beloved Kylie had changed management to find a new groove with Jay Z’s label, ‘Roc Nation’. Delays ensued and release dates seemed to be eluding us all, until now. “Kiss Me Once” is Kylie's 12th studio album, and has come 4 years after the release of "Aphrodite" (2010). So it has finally landed and I have to say, it’s pretty damn good. I absolutely love the lead single “Into The Blue”. This thumping, well-crafted & uplifting anthem is so enjoyable that I've had it on repeat & I can’t get enough! The only let down is the last few moments as the high-pitched synths ring out oddly & insipidly at the end - why that was the artistic choice is beyond me - a standard fade-out would have been preferable. Aside from that momentary lapse, it’s an awesome track.

Another Australian songstress was a big part of this album. Sia Furler served as executive producer and wrote the track “Sexercize”, which is paired with an uber-raunchy video clip - possibly NSFW (Not Safe For Work). It’s a pleasure to listen to an album that is so well assembled and well produced as this definitely is, featuring 11 tracks, with 2 bonus songs to be found on the 2x disk edition, including a DVD. There are some great disco pop & power-pop tracks on this album, and I would hazard a guess that a future single could possibly be track 11 “Fine”, co-written by Kylie herself. "Fine" is definitely another favourite of mine, and it really is a great & uplifting way to finish the album. We’ll have to wait and see which single comes next, though I must say, I always look forward to Kylie’s singles as there are usually some really amazing remixes.

There are a couple of other new collaborations for Kylie on this album, and one being the incredibly talented Pharrell Williams, who wrote “I Was Gonna Cancel”. For me, this track kind of falls short of the rest of the album and stands out for the wrong reasons. Kylie is famous and synonymous for being incredibly sexy, a fashion icon & she stands for all things luxurious. All of these ideals translate really well across the entire album, accept for this one track. Unfortunately, this does not come through with Pharrell’s song, which is annoying because his worldwide hit “Happy” is one of my absolute favourite songs for 2013. The only other track that seems a little 'less than' is where Kylie sings "Beautiful" with Enrique Iglesias. It's kind of nice and has some good elements, but for me, it falls short of being a great duet.

As much as I love her and have done for many years, our dear Kylie has never been renowned as being the most creative lyricist or known to sing the most intellectual song lyrics. Let’s just say, Kylie knows very well that sex sells & she has never shied away from it. Hence, there are some questionable and might I say ‘lame’ lyrics to be heard within a couple songs, though thankfully it’s limited to a few tracks.

This really is a great listen & something that will definitely appeal to her massive following. It’s a million miles away from being a disappointment, of that I am relieved. I remember hearing the track sampler several weeks ago and I got a little scared that I’d hate this album. Upon listening to it in it’s entirety, I have fallen in love with Kylie once again. So, I’m out of here so I can replay "Into The Blue” because it’s awesome!

Enjoy this album & remember............ music matters!

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  1. Great review! I was definitely curious to know how the album would turn out when the controversial Sexercise vid came out but completely forgot about it afterwards. Thank you for reminding me!