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Zombie Apocalypse Theory - DoFunky Interview (Music)

Zombie Apocalypse Theory Interview for
Interviewer: Ashlee Orange (Blogger)

Ashlee: Tell us the story of the band

Andrea: We’ve been friends since high school. Dan & Chris used to jam back then and had a few small bands but nothing serious. We started to get serious a few years ago when Chris & I decided to start a new band and take it to the next level. Dan dropped his guitar, picked up a bass and became our third founding member. We had a few drummers but Matt was our main drummer, we met him on Gumtree.

Chris: It’s all pretty much history from there. We picked up our first gig at ‘The Red Room’ at UQ and we’ve been gigging ever since. We’ve certainly grown a lot as a band since then, that’s for sure. We recorded an album length EP and released it last year. We also filmed a few music videos which you can see on YouTube and we recently recorded a cover of Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine.

Andrea: Over the horizon, we’ll be disappearing back into the shadows for a while to put together a new and hopefully awesome new record. It won’t be long before we hit the stage again though.

Ashlee: How did the name come about and what does it mean?

Andrea: I came up with the name just randomly one day and it went from there. Zombie apocalypses come in many forms, not all of them completely literal. Our name is about the slow collapse of society into insanity, numbness & ignorance. We are not free as we’d like to think. Like marionettes, we’re pulled into place and swallowed by the advertising and media, believing in everything we’re sold. The rich and powerful use their influence to keep us in line and make us think we’re in control. And we march along to the beat of their drum like sheep… like zombies. The Zombie Apocalypse Theory we’re trying to share is that perhaps the apocalypse is happing right now in front of our eyes and we’re too caught up in modern society to realise it.

Ashlee: How long have you been together?

Andrea: Just over 2 years now - Members/Instruments
Andrea ‘AJ’ Juricic (Vocals)
Chris Reed (Guitar)
Daniel McCoole (Bass)

We’re currently auditioning for a new drummer to take us into the next stage of our evolution. We’ve already got several promising applicants, let you know when we know.

Ashlee: Is there any gigs coming up in the next few months and want fans to know about?

Chris: We’ve been gigging pretty hard for the last year and it’s been a ball, but for now it’s time to knuckle down and work on our new record. So no gigs for the immediate future, but don’t worry ZAT will leap from the shadows stronger than ever soon. You can keep up to date from our Facebook page.

Ashlee: How can people get their hands on the album?

Andrea: You can check us out on iTunes and download our record from there, or you can download our cover of Killing in the Name for free from our Facebook page.

Daniel: Fans can also get in touch with us through Facebook for a hard copy of the EP for a super good price!

Ashlee: What are the group’s musical influences?

Z.A.T.: Tool, Led Zeppelin, Karnivool, Deftones, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Lamb Of God, Meshuggah, Pantera, COG, Butterfly Effect.  That’s just a start though, there are so many more.

Ashlee: The lyrics mention a lot of disconnected reality, the insanity state of mind and drug, especially in track 2 of The Pandemic Begin,’Rocking Horse’, is this for a particular reason?

Andrea: When I wrote Rocking Horse, I was really craving numbness. I would’ve preferred the lack of all feeling over continuing to go through what I was going through. That’s really what Rocking Horse, and to some extent the whole record is about, battling one’s inner most emotions and losing. It’s about desiring a disconnection from reality in whatever form possible.

Ashlee: Do you think you’re better as studio or a live band?

Daniel: I feel like we have a special connection with the audience when we play live. I would definitely say we are a better live band.

Chris: I agree, though I really think this new record could help to tip that balance a little. It’s going to be on a whole new level, I really can’t wait to share it.

Ashlee: Do the lyrics come from experiences or is it just ideas that spark inspiration?

Andrea: It all just a creative spark to me, usually triggered by something really significant affecting me in my life. It’s funny how I can have writer’s block and not put pen to paper for so long then suddenly spill myself out onto the page in one short go. When it happens, it happens quickly.

Ashlee: What is the reason for releasing your songs as an E.P and not an album?

Chris: I think we weren’t quite ready to release an album yet. We had a lot of ideas and decided, especially since we were recording it ourselves for free, that we might as well make it a full-length record, but it was only ever supposed to be a demo. We are biding our time for the real record, and it’s approaching rapidly.

Ashlee: Was this your first release?

Andrea: It sure was.

Ashlee: Looking back at the album (recording process), would you change anything? and what lessons would you take into recording the next project?

Daniel: I think I would probably stretch the process out a little more next time, have a little more time to be behind the bass and in front of the mic.

Chris: Couldn’t agree with that more. The EP was a lot of fun to produce, but I feel like we rushed it a little. To be entirely honest, my list of things to improve on the next pass is very long. I think we made a good record but I truly believe we can do better and that the best is yet to come. My skills as a producer have grown phenomenally as have our skills as a band. We’ll basically be approaching the whole record, from writing to production, from a new perspective.

Ashlee: Have you ever been told the band sounds similar to early ‘Def FX’?  Are they one of your influences?

Andrea: That’s definitely a comparison we haven’t heard before. I can understand it though, in the rawness of the sound plus the shared ideas about disconnected reality. I can’t honestly tell you they are one of our largest influences, but it’s still always good to be compared to a successful Aussie act.

Ashlee: What song do you have most emotional connection to?

Andrea: Mine would have to be Lullaby. I wrote that song for my mum and singing it really brings me back to another time. Definitely the most emotional song for me.

Ashlee: Describe the band in three words?

Daniel: Fuck. The. System.

Ashlee: In listening the album, I’ve noticed it seems to audibly flow a bit like a story, where a lot of songs follow similar vein, was this a conscious decision or did it just seem to fall in place naturally?

Daniel: It was a conscious decision that we all made, and it shone through because we were trying to tell a coherent story of the events in our lives or the lives of the things we wrote about.

Chris: Personally, I’m a huge fan of albums that flow in that manner and I’m really big on the idea of a complete record as a piece of art. The best bands always take you on a journey with their music. I’m really thrilled that you feel that way about our record.

Ashlee: What’s the new record going to sound like?

Andrea: It’s going to keep a lot of the base ideas and fundamentals of our sound, but it’s going to be very different. It will be heavier, but also softer. We’ll really be looking to create something that’s very dynamic and really takes the listener on a journey. We’ll be making a record that flows from start to finish, intended to be listened to in full rather than in pieces. We’ll be experimenting with new sounds, new rhythms, new instruments, new time signatures and a range of other new ideas. All in all, it’s going to take ZAT to a whole different level.  Stay tuned.

Ashlee: What’s your Zombie Apocalypse plan?

Daniel: We couldn't tell you, then you'd beat us to it!

Chris: Rest assured, it’s good. Be nice to us and maybe we’ll let you in when it all goes down…

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*NOTE: Since our interview, Z.A.T. hailed in the new year with a name change. They are now known as Periapsis

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