Monday, December 2, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Theory - The Pandemic Begins : EP Review

Imagine this, you’re lying down on your bed, you’re tired and society is pissing you off, well not just society, the world. You can’t seem to find the right words to say, you need music.  A band that knows exactly what your trying to say, the words come on “Another groggy sunrise, the light that slowly burns…”.  Screw society that is AJ is screaming at you. Saying ‘Fuck You’ to Society is what alt metal band Zombie Apocalypse Theory is all about.

AJs voice got my attention at the Brisbane Zombie Walk, the band seemed tight, so I made sure I got my hands on their EP ‘The Pandemic Begins’.

Their EP is album length containing 9 songs (including an unnamed hidden track) that has a story like flow taking you on a ride of drugs and disconnected reality. It explains what would seem to be the addiction of drugs and why people love the feeling of numbness and escaping the world. To me what comes to mind when thinking Zombie Apocalypse Theory is forgetting who you are, and to many that can be considered paradise.

The songs that stands out to me lyrically would have to be ‘Rocking Horse’, because it is so straight forward, also I like the difference in the lyrics from start to finish of the song. The start kicks off with saying literally “Get me on the drugs, I need to hide away, steal myself from the world, forget about today” , and at the end just before the final chorus, its telling you to take away everything she had asked for and bring her back to the reality. ‘Theory’ is a song that would represent Z.A.T. the best. The song is about a chaotic society, willing to destroy everything for soul survival. In saying that these songs are the stand outs, I have to say that this EP is well written and Daniel McCoole, who wrote ‘Throne’ and ‘Void’, is very skilled and AJ, for someone so young, is truly talented both lyrically and vocally.

To be honest, I can’t really find much fault with this EP, when first listening to it I thought that the songs sounded very much the same but now listening to it in more detail, I can see how different they are. For such and new young band its astounding how tight and well put together they are. I can’t wait to hear their very first album.

You can follow Z.A.T. on Facebook and Twitter or check out their Website.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Zombie Apocalypse Theory!

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