Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tina Arena - Reset : Album Review

Knowing Tina Arena’s back catalogue really well, I have to say that my expectations were quite high when it was announced that she was releasing a new album of originals. Not to mention how excited I was, as it has been 11 long years since Tina has released an English language album of her own songs and not a covers album. That being said, Songs of Love & Loss 1 & 2 were both brilliant and beautifully executed albums which were very well received. Being a household name does bring to the table a certain level of anticipation, but Tina has shown herself to be, yet again, an artist who is deeply connected to her craft, both as a gifted songwriter & as a supremely talented vocalist. “Reset” is an album brimming with stories of humanity, maturity, life experience, love & yearning that will absolutely resonate with her audience, not just in Australia, but also with her legion of fans around the world.

Tina Arena - Reset
The debut single “You Set Fire To My Life” is romantic gesture and one could say a tribute to her partner of 13 years, Vincent, who according to the lyrics, has shown her all the love and support she needs, whilst providing the freedom in their partnership to be true to herself as an artist & as a woman. Another stand out track is “Only Lonely” which is a stunning piano ballad that culminates in some of the most beautiful harmonies & vocal tones I’ve heard from Tina for a while. It’s really no surprise that hauntingly beautiful song was recently used for the soundtrack to “Home & Away”, one of Australia’s longest running ever television shows. The track “Reset All” is a true statement from the heart by Tina, inviting us all to see that the opportunity to reset your life, your path & your outcome, is absolutely possible for anyone, and most importantly to allow yourself the chance to learn from your mistakes, and that it’s ok to trip and fall sometimes.

This really is a great album, which I’ve had on repeat for weeks now. One can only hope that the next album from the amazingly talented Tina Arena isn’t as far away as this one has been. Tina, we’ve missed you…

Post By: Bryan Vitellaro

PS: For those who like surprises, Tina has also just recorded a track called “White Light” for a German mini series called “Tartort”. It includes the song & some really great euro-remixes, and is available now on iTunes!

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