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Mallory Vanetti - Domino Effekt : Album Review

On the morning of Sunday 6th October, I was at the Brisbane Zombie Walk, to support a great cause (and let's face it, any opportunity to cosplay!) I didn’t expect that my attention was going to be taken by musical acts on the day. I watched on as the lead singer delivered the lyrics down the mic with captivating passion. The combination of guitars was electric, the bassist bringing the depth and the drums tying it all together. I stood there for the whole set looking at this Brisbane band, Mallory Vanetti.

Mallory Vanetti’s debut album ‘Domino Effect’ is one worth listening to. Its alternate rock sound and catchy melodies will get stuck in your head for days. Although the album does have an overall alternative feel, it seems to be an album divided. The first 6 songs are very catchy and sound like the perfect playlist to mourn someone who has hurt you deeply. In the centre of the division is Track 7, ‘Domino Effect’ (the song the album is named after) it definitely stands out with a more refined commercial sound. The album continues tracks 8-11 with a very theatrical presence, verging on a Nightwish/Evanescence style delivery.

Lyrically the songs are very much about heart break and it’s very straight to the point. The lyrical stand outs are ‘Big Bad Breaking Heart Machine’ and ‘Things Change’. Big Bad Breaking Heart Machine is a relatable song strung together nicely by the feisty lyrics. Initially I didn’t think much of the way the track began, something just didn’t seem to gel to me. But the more I listened, the less it stood out of place.

‘Perfect Girl’,’Ever Fall in Love' and ’Best Friends’ are really catchy and I have been singing them days on end, with them all centering around catchy hooks. Things Change, Secret and Hater have a rocking feel and seem more personal and open.

Things Change is probably my favourite song on the album. Every lyric spoke to me as if it was directed at me. I currently don’t talk to my mother, and the lyrics remind me of things that happened when I was younger. To me music that evokes emotion is on a whole other level, when I first heard 'Things Change' there was an immediate connection, I had tears in my eyes.

Overall, considering it’s the bands’ first recording it is pretty impressive. There are no songs on this album that I don’t like and I’m looking forward to seeing what is next for Mallory Vanetti.

Stand Out Tracks are:
- Big Bad Breaking Heart Machine
- Things Change
- Perfect Girl
- Domino Effekt

Special thanks to Cristian who I met post gig at Brisbane Zombie Walk.

The Domino Effekt album by Mallory Vanetti has not yet been officially launched, but pre-release copies are available through their website, and Facebook

You can follow Mallory Vanetti on Twitter and Facebook

Stay tuned for my interview with Mallory Vanetti - Wednesday 6th, November - HERE

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