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Mallory Vanetti : DoFunky Interview (Music)

Mallory Vanetti Interview for
Ashlee Orange (Blogger)

Tell us the story of the band

Mallory: The story of the band starts two years ago when myself and producer Aldo J joined forces to create 'Domino Effekt'. I had just moved to Brisbane after a stint in Toowoomba studying theatre, and Aldo was looking for a female singer to collab with and so the magic began. I would come to Aldo with a melody and some lyrics and Aldo would create the most amazing music surrounding my little melody. Our style has flourished over the last two years and I can proudly say I haven't heard anything like us before. After we completed writing and recording close to 25 songs came the hard decision of which ones would make the first album 'Domino Effekt'. 11 songs were chosen and we feel these ones suited the album and had a great flow.

The last year has been spent creating a live band to bring the album to life. Along the way we have made some amazing friends and met some brilliant musicians. They are who you see today rocking the stage!

The Band are:
Mallory Vanetti - Vocals
Kai Patch - Drums
Tristan Field - Guitar
Cristian Corsini - Guitar
Kate Higginson - Bass/Backing Vocals

Ashlee: How long have you been together?

Mallory: We have been playing as a full band for just over three months now.

Ashlee: What are the group’s musical influences?

Mallory: System of a Down, P!nk, Paramore, Evanescence and Placebo.

Ashlee: What is your ultimate gig/venue?

Mallory: Oh man, I would love to see us packing out all of the entertainment centres around the world.

Ashlee: If you could have any band(s) to back you on that gig, who would it be?

Mallory: Evanescence for sure. I love those guys. Amy Lee has the most amazing voice, and if you listen carefully to her lyrics everything she says is so relateable.

Ashlee: Do you guys have the luxury of being full-time musicians, or do you have other jobs?

Mallory: I work full-time which is ok for now, but eventually would like to see myself not having to work as much and just live the muso life again. All the guys have other jobs as well. Chefs, retail workers, beauty shop owners but deep down we are all hard rockers :)

Ashlee: How did the band name come about?

Mallory: The band name came about a few years ago when I was still in Toowoomba. I was sitting down with a friend thinking of a cool 'stand out' name for myself. My real name is Mallory Van Noort and my mother's grandfather moved to Australia from Sicily many years ago, and his last name was Solvyayetti. I wanted my name to sound a little more italian and role off the toungue a little more. So we took my last name and my mothers family name and mixed them together to make Vanetti. It's stuck ever since.

Ashlee: How would you describe the band in one sentence?

Mallory: An addictive musical and emotional rollercoaster.

Ashlee: What’s your favourite song off the album? 

Mallory: Hater

Ashlee: What is the inspiration for the song writing process?

Mallory: Everything I write about has happend to me. I guess you could say I write a diary entry and then turn it into a song. I don't try and hold back, but pour everything I am into these songs. What I really want is for people to listen to the songs, close their eyes and relate to them. Music is my therapy and if it helps me get on with life, then its bound to impact others too.

Ashlee: Is there a possibility for any video clips soon?

Mallory: We are still in the planning process of our first music video for song 'Perfect Girl' we are on the lookout for a good director to come onboard.

Ashlee: How long was the recording process and what are your favourite memories of the process?

Mallory: Aldo had a state of the art studio in his old house and we did it all ourselves. He's a very talented man. I would come to the studio twice a week, do some songwriting and record guide tracks, we'd have some dinner and then go for some serious takes. The recording process took well over a year. We didn't want to rush anything. Instead of putting out an E.P. we wanted to take the extra time to put out a full length album and make a big impact. We haven't officially released the album yet, but pre-release copies are available through our website, and facebook. Our next album (which we have already began writing as a full band) will be recorded at another studio.

Ashlee: Are you all from BrisVegas?

Mallory: We all now live in Brisvegas. Cristian is from Rome, Italy and made the move to Australia to pursue his love for music. Aldo our producer is from Glasgow, Scotland and has been living and breathing music his entire life. Tristan is of Aboriginal/Sri Lankin decent born in Australia and now resides in Brisbane. Kai is an Aussie boy, and I'm an Aussie too, with some Italian genes in me.

Ashlee: If your band was a movie what would the title be?

Mallory: Almost Famous ;)

Ashlee: Have you begun writing for the next album and what’s in the future?

Mallory: We certainly have began writing for the next album. Our process is a little different this time. We are going to write the whole album together. When one person gets a good idea we jam for a while, then go to Aldo's studio and lay down our individual tracks and build it like a house. Brick by brick. We have loads of gigs coming up and next year we are planning our first national and international tour. Plus, our album launch which will happen very soon. We would love to head to Nashville and take in the music scene and play some shows around there, and we are very interested in hitting China too.

Ashlee: What’s been your proudest moment so far as a band?

Mallory: November 7th one of our songs "Detective" has been nominated for an alternative award at the 'Australian Independant Music Awards' and we will be heading to Sydney for three nights to attend the awards cermony and rub shoulders with industry professionals.

Ashlee: What makes Mallory Vanetti a stand out band?

Mallory: We dont just perform. We entertain. Coming to our show is like stepping into another world. It's hard to look away and it's hard to keep still. We want our audience leaving the venue wanting more. Each song sounds different. Each song can be clasified by many genres. We get on like a house on fire and that shows onstage. We serioulsy love what we do, and couldnt imagine doing anything else. We are Mallory Vanetti.

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Or catch them live at one of their upcoming gigs:

November 20th - Elephant Arms original showcase - Fortitude Valley, Queensland

November 22nd - Prince of Wales Hotel - Nundah, Queensland

November 29th - Bon Amici's - Toowoomba, Queensland

1st December - Move Mountains Music & Arts Festival - Toowomba, Queensland

Check out for more information.

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