Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dragon - April Sun in Cuba : Throwback Thursday

Like all good things out of our neighbours New Zealand, we in Australia have a habit of calling them our own. Dragon formed in Auckland, NZ in 1972 and in 1975 set course for Australia to broaden their horizons.

Enjoying success with songs like 'April Sun in Cuba', 'Are You Old Enough?', 'Rain', 'Body & The Beat', 'Dreams of Ordinary Men', 'Young Years' and a memorable cover of Kool and the Gangs 'Celebration'.

The band have suffered many tragedies throughout their existence, with a revolving roster of musical talent that would put some NRL/AFL teams to shame. Today I have chosen 'April Sun in Cuba' released in 1977, it was not uncommon to hear this at BBQ's and get togethers for the next decade around Australia and even today. Dragon still gig regularly today with Mark 'Show No Mercy' Williams leading the band since 2006.

Check their Website - HERE - for tour info.

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