Sunday, November 3, 2013

Basick Sickness - Before It's Too Late : Album Review

Who are Basick Sickness? I hear you say. Well after listening to 'Before It's Too Late', the question will be, why the hell haven't I heard of these guys before. It was like listening to Limp Bizkit for the first time, you just knew there were more goodies instore. Released in 2010, the 8 track offering from Basick Sickness is representative of the very reason DoFunky exists. I have found a jewel, and to think, if it wasn't for their twitter account becoming one of our first followers, I may never have heard of them.

The album begins with 'Motivation' setting up as the lead in to 'Inches', the aggressively charged beats and lyrics about moving forward and not giving up. An NFL anthem waiting to happen.

The Album continues with 'WTFOMG' and 'When I Grow Up', both songs hold familiarity for me with memories of Regurgitator and P.O.D. making the tracks feel like a long lost friend you haven't seen for years, but missed.

'Attack' is one of the first Basick Sickness songs I saw the clip for on Youtube, its addictive tune and lyric delivery are spot on. A chest beating eargasm!

'Top of the World', 'Water' and 'Been There, Done That' complete this album, with further displays of what this band is capable of, with catchy lyrical twists and complimentary beats.

'Before It's Too Late' will leave you wanting more, and the great thing is, this album is free to download from the bands website. Along with 'Before It's Too Late', have a look at their earlier work which is also downloadable for free. And if your a fan of Nine Inch Nails lay your ears upon 'Whore' from the 'Get Some' album.

Earlier this year the guys released a new EP, 'Too Far Gone' a further development of the Basick Sickness sound and another great listen (free to listen to on their website, and can be purchased for download - HERE)

Show your support for these guys, you can find them on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Interview with Basick Sickness on - Friday 8th November

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