Saturday, October 5, 2013

The DoFunky Birth

After a few weeks of back and fourth. We finally have a name. DoFunky.

The meaning of DoFunky: Pronounced Do-Funky, it is a word my grandfather used to describe a person who's name he could not remember (which was often the case). For a man who had a wicked sense of humor and didn't pull punches when it came to the facts. R.I.P. 

What will DoFunky be?
We'll cover Music, Movies & TV, Gaming and Cosplay. We have at least 2 bloggers involved who want to put foward interesting original content as well as heaps of general stories and funnies that are doing the internet rounds in Australia via social media.

We want to alert people to new and upcoming Aussie music acts (and maybe even a few from overseas) that you may not have heard of. We'll be reviewing things, and basically running amok.

If you can't handle some occasional coarse language and maybe even 'adult themes'. Leave now .....

If you are an upcoming Australian artist and want us to give your stuff a listen, contact us at and say gidday, or just grab our attention on twitter.

For now, goodnight and Welcome to DoFunky. #ItAllBeginsHere

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