Friday, October 11, 2013

Movie Review: Metallica Through The Never

To the hardened Metallica fans, October 10 was the Australian Release of Metallica: Through the Never.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go see it last night in 3D. I had been waiting to see how this was going to pan out. The trailer was filled with vision of post apocolyptic style images with a menacing horseman bearing down on the lead character, whilst Metallica playing in the background. Unfortunately, the storyline left me feeling like it just didn't need to be there or belong, I wanted more. Were Metallica thinking that just doing a straight up 3D concert movie would be too Justin Bieber or 1D? or some sort of Generation Y wankyness?

Guys.... You're Friggin' Metallica!

The movie is essentially Metallica Live in 3D, and if it was called that I would of still purchased my ticket. Watching Kirk and James shred, Rob hammering the bass and Lars working the drums like a madman in 'in-your-face' 3D  is worth the admission alone. They may be getting a bit older, but there are no signs the Metallica juggernaut is going to slow down. Metallica show why they are living, breathing Metal Gods. Not one person left the cinema until the screen went blank, even the credit roll-out was captivating.  

Whether you have or haven't seen Metallica live before, this is about as close as your going to get with Metallica not due on Australia's shores anytime soon. At Comic-Con in San Diego in July of this year, Lars revealed that they will be back in the studio during 2014, with a new album set drop in the early 2015.

If your a true Metallica fan, go see this in the cinema in 3D, and soon. It is in limited release in Australia and I don't think the visual element of this energetic 3D concert will translate to a 40-50" TV screen very well. If you are lucky enough that you live in Perth, or anywhere they are playing this on Imax, get off your lounge chair and go see it.

Although released in some places overseas Rated-R, it gets an M-rating in Australia.

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